Investment Management Services

Creekside Portfolios

Our core investment management program rests upon our tactical asset allocation approach (read What We Believe About Investing for more information). These core portfolios use index funds and other low-cost, low-turnover strategies. Expense and tax management will be more important over the next 7-10 years than over the past 30 years.


Our Creekside Portfolios service is most appropriate for investors seeking a straightforward, low-cost investment strategy and who do not require a high degree of customization or ongoing financial advisory services.


A Creekside Portfolio investment benefits from all of our ongoing asset valuation and economic cycle research, and we do not expect these portfolios to perform significantly different from Family Office portfolios over time.


Our Creekside Portfolios service is offered at a lower fee than Family Office services. See our most recent SEC Disclosure Brochure for details.

Creekside Family Office

Our comprehensive service offering is derived from the traditional Family Office. Family Office clients will benefit from our core investment approach, as deployed for Creekside Portfolios clients.


From this core portfolio starting point, Family Office clients also benefit from comprehensive ongoing financial planning and advice, portfolio customization, laddered bond holdings, legacy stock position management and a host of other services often desired by higher net-worth households.


We also provide reporting aggregation services for Family Office clients. Some families have multiple investment accounts at various advisors and custodians. We will gather the periodic reports from all of them and prepare a comprehensive overview of all accounts so that our client can have a clear picture of total investment exposure and risk.

Service Component Creekside Portfolios Creekside Family Office
Tactical Allocation Strategy Portfolio
Schwab or Fidelity Custodial Account w/Online Access
Low-Cost, Index Instruments for Core Holdings
Basic Financial Advice and Consultation (e.g., Retirement sufficiency analysis)
Comprehensive Quarterly Reporting
Year-End Tax Reporting
Legacy Position Management (e.g., older low-basis stock positions, stock options, etc.)
Custom Laddered Bond Portfolios
Satellite Asset Class Positions (depending on market conditions)
Account Aggregation Services
Unlimited Financial Advice and Consultation