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Our North Bay Fiduciary Advisory firm puts our clients’ interests first.

3 Ways our Petaluma Financial Management Firm Helps our Clients:

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Investments & Financial Management

Our clients are our greatest strength and our most valuable asset. They are of all ages and stations in life –– from young entrepreneurs still saving for the future, to families worried about what college may cost, to retirees seeking to enjoy the fruits of their success.

Our clients choose us because we focus on more than investments and financial management. It is about life events – home & car purchases, college, weddings, etc. We get to know our clients, their families and history, short term plans and long term goals. Our clients want a centralized, coordinated, and detailed financial and investment plan which will help control risk while seeking returns.

Our approach

A Small Firm with Institutional-Level Skills

As an independent Petaluma-based financial planning firm, we act as your fiduciary advisor and put your interests first.

We provide customized solutions that only a small firm can deliver with a hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves approach while possessing the sophistication and resources of the largest firms.

Our Expertise

Unique Expertise and a Specialty in Municipal Bonds

Safe, tax-free income should be an important part of a successful family’s investment plan.

With decades of experience, and a focus on double tax-free CA Municipal Bonds and state tax free Treasuries, we keep risks low, and taxes minimal.

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As fiduciary advisors, your best interests are our priority.

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